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Thank you for visiting the I AM CHURCH Online! We are an international ministry seeking to empower people to live out the truth of God's word within the context of their personal lives.


I believe that God wants to take His People to a new level in Him. We spread this message in different ways to a diverse audience. God is impacting people of all ages. We are excited to help people, to grow spiritually, socially, educationally, and economically. The great thing about it is that we’re just getting started. This is a great season for the Body of Christ.
During this season God has been speaking to the I AM Church body with clarity concerning our advancement in the Kingdom of God. He has declared this is the year to be, we have been in a twelve week series create, maintain, and advance. Join in with us on prayer for the month of June. 

The entire family of I AM CHURCH and I would be glad to have you.

Senior Pastor Jeffrey S. Akers

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